Crystal Tosello Designs

What We Value

Simple, Minimal

Clean designs that entice. We want your guests to see you, your story and the awesomeness you offer without any distractions.


Captivating visuals to keep your guests scrolling and enjoying their experience. 


Sites that are as unique as you and make your target audience feel known.

What's Included

  • A fully hosted, custom designed WordPress website
  • Unique domain name and email accounts
  • Face to face meetings or video calls with your designer
  • Marketing and branding brainstorms. I want your site to make your target market to feel known and excited about you.
  • Site tutorial and training with the wordpress platform, so the more tech-savy can update their site content at any time. 
  • Two months of site tweeks and content updates
  • Crystal has a wide variety of clients but she specializes in book websites. If you are an author, learn more here.


Site Maintenance

If you consider yourself tech-savy, then a content update tutorial is included with your site. If you would like someone else to handle this, then we can add site edits to your plan.


You need beautiful images on your site to captivate your guests and share your story. I’ve provided product and lifestyle photos to businesses to give them that edge.

Content Creation

Do you have killer ideas but want some help expressing them to your viewers? I’d love to hear your thoughts and synthesize them into content for you!

Unlimited "Tweeks"

Some people know exactly how they want their site to look, down to the exact spacing or font size. That’s awesome! Add this on so that extra time is accounted for.